• Exceptional closure

    9 January 2017

    Exceptional closure

    The Visa Section will be closed on Monday February the 20th.

  • Happy New Year 2017

    30 December 2016

    Happy New Year 2017

    The team of the Consulate general of France in Washington wishes you Happy New year!

  • New Measure in support of tourism

    6 December 2016

    New Measure in support of tourism

    Tourism accounts for 7.5% of national wealth and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development has released a new plan worth €42.7 million.

  • Studies in France

    2 November 2016

    Studies in France

    Do I need a visa? How to apply for a student visa?

    STEP 1: Register and obtain an “attestation” from Campus France}}

    STEP 2: Once you complied with Campus France requirements, please make an appointment online on this website

  • Do I need a visa ?

    14 March 2016

    Do I need a visa ?

    There are several categories of visa. The visa will depend on the type of travel document, nationality, length (more or less than 90 days) and place of stay (Schengen Area or French overseas). The followings rules apply for holders of regular passports. Holders of Refugee travel document and Re-entry permit are submitted to visa, whatever the duration or place of their stay. 1. Short-stay (...)